Record and Report on Learner's Performance and Behaviour at School.


S2P is a software programme that was specifically developed for schools to record and report on observations of learner's scholastic performance, social well being, emotional development, and ethical values. S2P also allow for the reporting on incidents as per the Department's policy. Recording of observations are pre-determined and formulated responses for each category, also accessible via the S2P App.

Pro-active Feedback

The S2P feedback empowers parents to be pro active about their child's progress. To this end, making the parents play an active role in their child's education and overall well-being.


S2P makes every evening a parents evening.

S2P maak elke aand 'n ouer aand.

Better Future

S2P supports our children to be successful in navigating their path to adulthood and to realise their dreams. To this end, the S2P matrix will also report on possible "Barriers to Learning and Special Needs" of our children.