For Parents

A Learner Support Initiative

2019 Department of Education's Action Plan: parents, who are well informed about what happens in the school, are keen to be involved in school affairs and welcome regular reports about how well their children are performing against standards that are shared by all schools. To this end, the observations recorded in the S2P matrix may be used for possible identification of the possible "Barriers to Learning and Special Needs" of our children.

The Learner Support Initiative

S2P is a Learner Support Initiative that empowers parents in their support of their children's scholastic performance and social well being. It is a structured feedback programme of the child's progress and well being, as observed at school and is based on predetermined and formulated responses.

This information enables parents to be part of their children's everyday life at school and empowers them to initiate pro-active support and guidance to their children - to make every evening a "parents evening".

The S2P application is enhanced by a blog that gives further guidance to parents on how to identify certain of these topics, how to approach or support the child and if need be, where to get professional guidance and assistance.

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The S2P Application (S2P App)

The application can be downloaded for free. The application can be downloaded on any "smart phone" and/or "tablet". The first step is to provide correct info to the school who will forward this to S2P, who will then link parents with their child/ children on the school system. S2P will then send a username and (initial) password to each parent via email. The parent will then be able to download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play (see home page). The parent can then change the password (to personal preference).

  • All information regarding a child is strictly confidential and only accessible by the parent.
  • It is an early warning system (earlier, rather than later).
  • The developmental focus is always on the benefit of the child.
  • It empowers the parent to be part of their child's everyday school life.
  • Feedback is in four categories namely, scholastic, emotional, social and ethical.
  • Feedback is done in one of two colours: green (positive) orange (concerning)
Frederick Douglas, educator and philosopher "it is easier to fix a problem child than a broken adult"