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A Learner Support Initiative

2019 Department of Education's Action Plan: "part of the reason why learners want to come to school, is that they get to meet friends in a safe and secure environment where everyone is respected, they know they can depend on their teachers for advice and guidance.

Structured Record System of Children's Progress and Behaviour as Observed at School

S2P is a software programme for schools, supported by the S2P App, to create and maintain a structured record system of children's progress and behaviour at school. This record will follow the child throughout his/her school career.

The structured recording, based on predetermined and formulated responses (messages), consist of positive/complimentary messages ("green messages") and messages of concern/early warning signals ("orange messages"). Teachers are able to create a report/message from their personal devices, ie smartphone or tablet, in the convenience of their own time. This saves time and protect teachers against adverse social media responses.

S2P empowers the school to record and report to parents, on all observations and ensure parents are informed of all such observations and parents have the opportunity to initiate a partnership with the school for pro active support and guidance to their children.

Reports and Data/Statistics

Schools have access to a variety of reports from the S2P programme and may choose different options to create own statistics and/or data for record and planning purposes.

Features regarding the content of data and reporting:
  • The system provides a recording facility for schools.
  • Reporting on how many messages were sent opened or failed.
  • Report on learner with most messages.
  • Flag indication when learner receives a certain amount of messages.
  • Report on top 10 messages sent.
  • Report on teacher with most messages sent.
  • Time saving on administration for educators allowing more time for teaching.
  • It empowers the school, teacher, parent and child with educational information.
  • It is a pro-active approach - rather earlier than later.
  • School can request a custom message to be monitored.
  • Certain tendencies can be detected and monitored.
  • Informative statistical reports can be compiled.
  • Educational insight into learners profile to measure development and progress.
A comprehensive digital (paperless) record system supporting the 4IR goals.